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Thread: seat post
Posted 07 March 2012 at 17:28:04 UK time
paul mc givern, Ireland,

Hi, I am after a carbon seat post for my C40. Can any one help out?

Posted 15 March 2012 at 12:20:04 UK time
vaughn, Leeeds ,

Check if your seattube is reamed or not. Some are and some arent. A reamed tube means you can fit a colnago 28.00mm standard seatpost. Un-reamed means DONT! Get a caliper and measure the seattube inner diameter. It should be over 28.00mm. Probab at least by .2mm. IF not its not reamed! Thus you can use a record seatpost (27.2) and a fiber shim. Evans cycles do many sizes of shims for a 27.2 post : 27.8, 28.0,28.2,28.4. I have a 28.00 colnago post but its from my stolen c40 and I am saving it to personally give to the thieves when I catch them! I always used 27.2 seatpost though with shims. None of my frames were reamed.