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Thread: Stolen - C40 arte decor, purple / c50 black
Posted 05 March 2012 at 14:43:34 UK time
Vaughn, Leeds, UK,


I have had all my bikes stolen. Thieves simply tore the roof off of the garage.

Please be on the look out for these two bikes in particular. Pass the details to any who like Colnago.

1999/2000 Colnago C40 a-stay purple arte decor (bassano I think) colors. Hand painted. Size 59cm/60cm.
It has record and super record 11speed.
Cat 3 aero handlebar which look wide.. Ksyrium or aksium wheels.

2004/2005 Colnago C50 Panaria Black white with orange. Size 57 traditional.
Has a long scrape on the underside of the down tube.
It has Pulsion carbon 10sp cranks and 10sp carbon record. Deda spectrum carbon bar. Ksyrium or aksium wheels.

I live in Leeds but these bikes could end up anywhere.

Any help is appreciated.


Posted 23 March 2012 at 10:04:32 UK time
Vaughn, Leeds, UK,

Update: After some serious police involvement and a lot of hard work by victims of bike crime , my two colnagos have been returned to me. Unfortuantely my wifes Sctott CR1 is still out there somewhere. The stolen specialized stumpjumper had to be sacrificed to secure the Colnagos.
Please be on the look out for a 52cm Black with white and red Scott CR1. Its easy to spot as its campagnolo record 9sp but the thieves put my Ksyrium 11speed cassette wheels on it!

If so see these bikes call me immediately. tel. vaughn - 07946614465.
Then Seize it or follow it!
Call the police immediately: weetwood police tel. 0845 6060606 / or tel. 101
Crime number : 1312011628

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