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Thread Heading Started by Messages Last Updated Time
Wanted - 57cm C40 B-stayJW101 July 201906:26
C40 frame and forksvic cockcroft222 July 201509:10
C40 b- stay Mapei saletriharder114 March 201516:10
C40 1' steerer carbon forksScott111 March 201518:17
C40 world champsFreire122 February 201510:27
C40 Joshua WW103 November 201420:38
Wanted C40 world champsFreire106 October 201409:00
Colnago C40 2003 B-Stay 58C-T (56x56) NL4Darran Moore113 September 201418:13
C40 Lampre Frame 53c to t for saleGordon Eady227 March 201410:18
C40 for saleSean Kelly718 February 201416:03
2001 c40 rear dropoutsmartyn taig227 March 201309:19
UNIQUE C40 FOR SALEAlex Mcgrath127 November 201209:47
seat postpaul mc givern215 March 201212:20
wanted c40 57/58/59vaughn416 February 201211:56
Compact or not compactVaughn108 November 201108:36
C40 specifications?Vadim220 September 201015:55
Wanted: Colnago Flatboy112 January 201018:37
Which headset and BB?Dennis Achtypis105 August 200908:37
Colnago C40Sergey Popoff422 July 200913:55
C40 Art decor carbonRobert Oades117 October 200814:49
Mine's a 40 hpyorkie509 March 200815:40
Just got a 2003 never been ridden C40Steve324 January 200817:05
Flash or Star fork for C-40Tyler Tabor124 January 200817:00
Art Decor PaintworkBaldBrummie109 November 200723:02
C40Rey124 September 200704:53
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